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Halloween is Near!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an excellent weekend! Since its been cold, windy and rainy here in the PNW, it has been nice being able to get into a cozy mode and do some crafting to prepare ourselves for this weekends Gothic Christmas festivities. ;)

This year, we're excited for our Krampus theme in hopes that we'll only have to decorate once this year. But I am a little worried that the weather might mess up our haunted house. This is my first year attempting one and I'd hate for it to get ruined. But honestly, if it does, I'm not going to let it ruin the holiday. Halloween means so much to me on a personal level and I'm at least proud of our front porch set up.

Aside from getting excited, for Halloween, I've been grinding away to get these illustrations done for the children's book. I know its been a long past couple months with my patrons but my goal is to have them all finished by this weekend. Its been hard pushing thru this project especially since I was going thru a rutt for awhile. On top of that the itch to continue working on The Fishbowl is getting very strong. But its important for me to do one thing at a time.

I've also been expanding my inventory to include other merchandise like TShirts and jewelry which I'll be be updating in the store soon. It kinda sucks that I haven't been able to post up my Inktober but getting into the practice of not pushing myself too hard is something I'm trying to work on. The habit of getting too excited about different ideas can be a blessing because that means I'm more than ready to get them started. But it can also be a curse if I dont finish anything.

Anyways, I'm hoping to that I can continue to make weekly updates here on my blog so stay tuned for more!

And to checkout my most recent Fall shenanigans, feel free to check out my most recent TikTok:

Remember to never be afraid to jump your fishbowl!

~ Goldfish -Glub-

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