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Runaway Goldfish

Illustration | Animation | Education

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The Fishbowl
 an original comic written and illustrated by me.



What started in 2016 as a scribble, "The Fishbowl” project has come a long way. since it’s days as a personal secret creative space on Facebook, a few years later, the first issue of “The Fishbowl” emerges as an adorable, hand-drawn comic. Throughout the story, a young, seemingly emotionless, goldfish named Andi, uses imagination and creativity to help her combat her fears, anxieties and problems of her chaotically cramped fishbowl world.  with the help of others she meets on her journey, she also learns about what it means to have community, compassion and the importance of finding her own voice. inspired by my own experience and the inner world we create for ourselves it was important that I share those stories that inspired my own inner creative. Through those relationships and embracing uniqueness, the possibilities become endless.

enjoy this sneak peek!
"The Fishbowl" Comic
Issue 1: First Day of School (Pages 1 - 14)

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