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Talk Dank, Stay Cool - Framed Original Painting

"Dank Farrik" - The Mandolorian 


When painting this piece, I wanted to create many layers of meaning especially since I had grown up being such a huge Star Wars fan. According to the universe, "dank farrik" or "dank" has been used as an expletive to express frustratrion. In my mind, it translated to "sh*t". Which is why I used "talk dank".

When the original actor of Boba Fett would visit fans, he would often sign autographs with the phrase "stay cool". Combining that with a boba tea pun, I created this piece because what's more Mandolrian than talking crap while staying cool?


Hand- painted using mainly Ohuhu watercolor pens


Reinforced 6"x8" gold -colored frame to ensure the art's longevity and safety during travel.


Display your art on either the wall or upright on a flat surface. 


Free shipping to anywhere in the USA. Estimated 7-10 days for delivery.


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Talk Dank, Stay Cool - Framed Original Painting

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