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New TShirt!

Hi friend(s)! Hope you've been well and hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend! Its been such a hoot getting all festive this month. This was the first time we made the effort to decorate the inside of the house. I think it has made me that much more excited because we don't have to take down our decor until after the winter holiday season since we did a scary Christmas theme. It really makes a difference when you only have to do it once.

I'm sad I didn't take any pictures but Im pretty proud of the creative liberties we took with the theme. If you haven't seen them already, I highly recommend that you Google Halloween charcuterie boards. I made my first and they have been my most recent food obsession. I typically don't enjoy cooking or most kitchen oriented things but if the food comes with a design element, my spirit is instantly charged. Its the perfect way to create scenery with food and a great snack to pick at throughout the evening.

Anyways, before I talk too much about food, I want to make sure I keep my promise sharing this weeks newest product which is now available on my store and free to my Aquarium tier Patrons. The shirt has been tested and approved by yours truly. I only have limited stock and all shirts only come in XL for a few reasons.

1. I wanted to make a product that I would wear. I love to wear things loose because theyre comfortable and XLs tend to be the perfect size for me.

2. I also want the shirt to be customizable for smaller folks or more fitted for larger folks. By this, I mean the design is high enough to where you can cut the shirt in the same way you'd do to a custom crop top, you can fold the sleeve for a different silhouette or it can also be fitted for people with larger bodies.

This will be available in my store later this Thursdayso if youre looking to start Christmas shopping early or get a gift for yourself, Keep a look out on my IG!

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Runaway Goldfish
Runaway Goldfish
Nov 05, 2021

Hey Fishbowl Fam! Just wanted to let you know that the t-shirt is officially live! Be sure to use code fishbowlfam to get 20% off! Limited stock available!

Link to shirt:

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