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Runaway Goldfish

Illustration | Animation | Education

Original Work

Aside from my fanart and original designs, I've got two primary projects I'm working on. The first being "The Fishbowl" which is an original comic book series and "teascape" which are my bonsai  inspired paintings made with tea.

About the Artist


Runaway Goldfish (They/Them), is an artist and art educator from the greater Seattle, WA area. Their inspiration comes from the ethereal and whimsical worlds of comics, cartoons, video games, street art, skate culture, nature, folklore, travel and Asian arts. The name comes from the behavior of goldfish when they realize their environment is too small or unsuitable for survival or growth. As a last resort of finding something better, a goldfish will jump out of the water. 
In addition to creating their own illustrations and teaching art, they’ve recently begun designing their own apparel, created their own series of bonsai-inspired paintings made with century old PuErh tea, finished two children’s books, finished their own comic and is working on their own film projects. But the process of creation is never ending.
Since 2018 they’ve showcased their art at Tacoma Night Market in Tacoma, WA, Sakura Con Art Show in Seattle, WA, Bonsai Fest in Federal Way, the Nikkei Cultural Center in Vancouver, Canada, Kent Cornucopia Days in Kent, WA and more. With roots in being a self taught artist, they hope that their own artist journey can help inspire others like the artists who have inspired them.
Since the days of drawing on walls as a toddler, it was 2013 when Goldfish really started recording their creative process. Coming from a home where being an artist was so far removed from what was possible, they started a safe space online where they can post and watch their art grow as they did. It jumped from project to project starting with music, to graphic design, to cosplay, to film, construction and even bonsai. Eventually, they started their illustration business in 2019. 
Become a patron!
If you are someone who understands the power of storytelling through visual arts and its impact on how we view ourselves, others and the world, with your help we can work on building a better world through art. 
What do I get in return?
The longer you become a Patron, the more you get back. For every dollar you’ve contributed to Patreon, you get 10 points (known as Fish Flakes) to spend at the webstore. When you stack enough points, you can also qualify for special deals. From just joining Patreon, you instantly receive a one time gift of 500 Fish Flakes to start. 

On top of the savings, you will be notified first about any exclusive content and blog posts which are posted randomly. Blog posts consist of announcements on news, events, products, stories, thoughts, information and offers as a centralized location for all their latest content across all their social media platforms.
How do I become a Patron?
You can choose how much you want to contribute monthly, ranging from $1 to $20 a month. Just by joining through Patreon, you instantly become a member of the Fishbowl Fam with 500 starting points. There may be times I ask for feedback which is not required but you are a constituent after all. Any interaction is appreciated and lets me know the type of content you enjoy. Otherwise, after you’ve joined, all there’s left to do is sit back and enjoy! To learn more about Patreon, you can visit the link below.
Link to Patreon:
Thanks for taking the time to get to know myself, my art and how to better support my mission. See you soon and remember, never be afraid to jump your fishbowl.

~Goldfish -glub- 

The Fishbowl Logo 2.0.bmp
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