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Hi everyone! As of late I haven't had a lot of spoons for blogging lately hence the huge gap between posts. But let's just get straight into it!

As for personal projects, I haven't had a whole lot of time but I'm definitely doing little things when I have time. Lately, I've been making changes to my website and thinking about how to make it more self-sustainable. I've also been working out the logisitics of how to make my original artwork and other products more accessible while reducing or removing any possibility of damage. At the same time, considering how to get product out in the most econmical way possible while still trying to keep my business practices aligned with my values. I also want to diversify my products by creating practical items so I need to keep that in mind as well.



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Even though this has been pretty overwhelming, I think I've come up with some good solutions. In the past, I used to bring my original art to local markets and art shows. But doing that it got very challenging carrying a bunch of large bulky pieces back and forth which was the main reason why some of my pieces got damaged. Coupled with any vendor fees, over time this can get pretty expensive. Because of that, I've decided to create a virtual gallery on my website where you can view, read about and purchase any original art which will include free shipping to anywhere in the US. This will also force me to be more open on the artistic process on any future pieces so I can include it with the pieces in the gallery.


Here is my most recent post:

For the smaller items, I noticed that selling smaller individual items like stickers doesn't always bode well when purchasing it on the site. That's not to say that those items won't be available. With the rising cost of shipping, it just doesn't feel worth it for both parties to do it that way. So instead, I want to sell large quantities of a single item, create product/gift/mystery packs and to create pre-order systems for future product so I can just send out batches of items or make the shipping cost worthwhile. For the folks who either want single items or miss out on the pre-order date, I'll have limited inventory available at any pop-up markets.


Business gobble-digook aside, I'm still grinding at my tattoo apprenticeship. Ive been focused on improving my skills with script and continuing to perfect organic shapes and shading on fake skin. As cool tattooing is, it definitely is an arduous journey. The amount of concentration and energy required for the job is like driving an empty, stretch of road at night, with no way to pull over, on a long road trip. I'm very much learning that, like driving, you have to remain focused so not to crash even if your eyes are tired or know when and where to rest between points so that you can arrive to your destination safely. I'm seriously convinced that truckers could probably be good tattooists. In some way it can be very meditative but it definitely requires high level focus and concentration that is different than just drawing or painting alone.


I'm happy to share I've got another illustrative project lined up with @Gfy95 and I look forward to sharing that with you. I can't quite show you progress yet but be sure to follow his Instagram to stay up to date!

Don't get me wrong, every day that I get to make progress with my art whether its in knowledge or in skill is something I'm always grateful for. But sometimes its hard to not feel some sort of guilt for straying so far from where I started and that was working on my own comics, animations and film projects. Not guna lie, I still very much want to work on those things, but I feel like if I can polish the business side of things, it'll be easier for me to organize my time so I can work on side projects unbothered. We're manifesting in a capitalist world, babes. Please send all good juju my way.

As always, thank you so much for continuing to follow me on my journey and remember, never be afraid to jump your fishbowl.

~ Goldfish -glub-


Here's my latest post:


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Beast Gamer Kuma
Beast Gamer Kuma
Dec 09, 2023

I forgot I subscribed😁 to your website. Thank you for the update.

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